Alameda Travel Vaccination Center

  • We are no longer functioning as a travel medical clinic. If you are in the San Francisco East Bay Area, please contact one of the centers shown below for vaccinations, prescriptions and advice.
  • East Bay Internal Medicine, Dr. Jacobson, Berkeley, 510-848-7227.
  • The Travel Doctor, Oakland, 510-763-5336.
  • Berkeley International Health, Berkeley, 510-843-4544.
  • International Traveler's Medical Clinic, San Ramon, 510-277-2050.
  • Family and Urgent Care of Walnut Creek, 510-930-8200.

Other travel medical clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area include:

  • Synapse Medical Group, San Francisco, 415-732-7029.
  • Coastside Travel Medicine, Half Moon Bay, 415-726-1235.
  • International Travelers Health Clinic, Redwood City, 650-299-0576.
  • Travel Doctor Two, San Francisco, 415-397-8728.
  • UCSF Traveler's Medical Practice, San Francisco, 415-476-5787.
  • Sunnyvale Clinic at Camino Healthcare, 408-733-4380.

    For detailed information about health requirements and recommendations,
    try these links.

    Have a fun and safe trip!

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